On Hold. On Time. On Point.

Creating Superior Customer Service with Timely Messages


If you’ve invested in an on-hold message program for your business, you undoubtedly recognize the great opportunity it provides you to advertise to a targeted, qualified buyer.

On-hold messages (professionally produced recordings that play over your phone system when callers are placed on hold) inform and entertain callers and provide companies with an opportunity to showcase their latest products, services, or specials.

To maximize your investment and make the most out of a captive audience, it is critical that your messages feature timely, fresh content.  These days, static information like addresses and hours are readily available on the internet, so the on-hold message needs to be dynamic yet also fit the nature of your business.

It is for that reason that having an on-hold message provider who delivers superior customer service is so imperative.

In business for over 24 years, Hold Please Communications (hpc) has built its reputation on doing just that.

“Most companies sell a package to a client, set them up, and then virtually disappear.  They don’t contact them for updates on a schedule like we do,” says hpc President Joe Di Giorgio.  “Their messages then becoming stale, outdated, and ineffective; this really ruins the overall perceived value to the client.  Ultimately, it leads to them cancelling the service because they feel they’re wasting their money.”

Adds Di Giorgio, “Our customer service forte is directly attributed to the fact that we ensure our clients update their messages and give them all, or even more than, what they’re paying for.  Satisfied clients stay clients for longer periods of time; it’s just common sense.”

As proof, Di Giorgio points to the fact that his first client back in 1992 is still with them and still updates their messages on a monthly basis.

“They see the importance in what many consider a ‘courtesy service’,” he notes. “By having your on-hold messages match your latest marketing initiatives, you’re creating brand consistency.  This builds a trust with customers and in turn leads to lasting relationships and future sales.”