Monkey see, monkey do, monkey go out of business?

Can Trending In Marketing Harm Your Business?

by Chad Everaert

There is no denying the strength of the bandwagon.  With the rise of the internet, modern media outlets
have exploded and the world has become a much smaller place.  Information that was once available
only on the six o’clock news is now stacked up like the morning paper on any Google search result and if
your name doesn’t appear on that first page then you’ve missed the boat, right?  Not necessarily.

Marketing trends come about as a result of one successful venture.  Once a fresh new idea becomes a hit,
a gold rush ensues and everybody races to be the next in line.   The idea gets copied, builds in popularity
and eventually becomes tired and overdone.  In the end, there has been great success had by some, but
it’s back to the drawing board for most.

It is important to remember that not every businesses is the same.  You are trying to grow your business and
growing means nothing more than building on what you currently have.  Don’t forget what has gotten you to
this point.  If print advertising, trade shows, telephone marketing, sales trips etc. have worked for you in the
past, go with it.  Focus on the message, not the delivery method.  The latest and greatest state-of-the-art
website will do nothing for you if people aren’t aware of it.

A great marketing campaign touches on all aspects of marketing.  As long as magazines are still printed,
people will read ads.  As long as television programs continue to be broadcast, people will watch commercials.
As long as telephones exist, people will hear on-hold messages.  Maintain the ability to think for yourself.  If
you become aware of a rising trend, ask yourself if it applies to your business and attempt to improve upon

Remember, following the herd isn’t a safe bet if the lead buffalo is headed straight for a cliff.