Yes, under Socan Tariff 15B (Telephone Music On Hold), all music on hold is subject to licensing fees.  Whether it originates from a radio, personal mp3 or cd player, cassette machine etc.

When you play a radio station on hold you do not have control over the content your callers are hearing.  Some callers may abandon the call if the genre of music is not to their liking.  The radio station dial may drift off of its mark thus leaving your callers with annoying static. By far the most damaging is the likely chance that your callers will be hearing ads from your competitors.  With message on hold from hpc you eliminate all of these risks by taking control of what your clients hear on hold.  With various music genres to choose from and clever, pointed copywriting you can keep those callers informed, entertained and happy until you can get to their call.

Yes we do. Our talent pool includes announcers fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Madarin, Cantonese and more. Speak to a friendly hpc representative about other language requests. We would be happy to accommodate your needs.

Our hardware easily integrates with most existing systems.  Your overhead music is routed through our hardware and will continue to play regularly in between overhead announcements.  Intercom systems can be set to take priority over all music and messaging to ensure seamless operation.

Typically, 5-10 minutes between messages is the most effective but the interval can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

Only if you want to.  We have an experienced copy department ready to work with you to prepare your messages from scratch, or utilizing existing marketing materials.

In-Store Messaging allows you to speak directly to your customers while they are in your establishment and take advantage of sales opportunities at the most critical point in the buying cycle.  They also effectively help to reinforces marketing campaigns.

Short commercials that are played over the PA system inside your business to inform your
customers about your products, services and current specials.

It is an advertisement about your company that is heard by your callers while they wait
on-hold on your telephone system. Like a commercial on your telephone!

One major advantage is that it reinforces marketing campaigns. Sales are Increased through up selling and cross selling. Callers are entertained while they wait for you and they will stay on the line for a longer period of time without frustration. The service will definitely improve your level of professionalism.

To properly equip your phones with messages-on-hold, you will need a multi-line phone system with a key service unit or VOIP system. A knowledgeable hpc sales representative is able to assist you in determining your telephone requirements.

Our Packs include an on-hold message playback device and update service.  Our Plans are for the on-hold message service only and are typically for customers that already own a playback device.

Some businesses work with outside marketing firms or prefer to write the messages themselves. We have an experienced copy department ready to write your scripts for you should you prefer it.  Typically, all we require is a website link and/or corporate informational brochures to get started.

This depends on the nature of your business plan.  The content of your message can be anything you want.  Some prefer to relay information like store hours and sale specials while others prefer industry related trivia and general interest knowledge to entertain and soothe their callers.  

If you use a digital player from hpc, your recording plays in a continuous loop; it does not necessarily start at the first message when a call is placed ‘on hold’. This allows callers to hear a variety of information about your company. Some phone systems give you the option to play from the beginning or on a continuous loop.  Ask us for details about your system.

Of course! By default, the hpc Production Department will choose the appropriate professional male/female announcer combination to suit your business. If you’d prefer, you may choose a specific announcer voice or mix (all male, all female, mix, etc.) You are also able to choose a specific genre of background music from our library. You can listen to demos by clicking on “Music Choices and “Voice Choices” pages.

We have an update schedule for all of our Plan and Pack clients.  This schedule is included in your New Client Procedure.  We will be in touch with you well in advance of your update to gather information from you.  If you come across information you wish to include, regardless of when your update is, send it over to us and we’ll put it in your file for your next update. Brand booster clients contact us when they wish to change their message.

We archive each and every message we produce.  Contact us if you require a replacement copy of your message. (Copy fees apply).

Through the music on-hold port or an audio connection to your telephone system.  It can be as simple as plugging in a cable in the majority of cases.  Contact us if you require further assistance.

Yes we do. Our talent pool includes announcers fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and more. Speak to a friendly hpc representative about other language requests.  We would be happy to accommodate your needs.

Absolutely not! At hpc, we’re proud to say that our music is entirely royalty free!  We write and produce all the music in our library through our in-house production company Big Guns Music Studio.  Your music is included in the price and is not subject to any licensing fees in any country.

Yes, we do! Please ask us how you can save even more.